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26-28 October 2021, UNESCO – Online
Climate-resilient water management approaches

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As the climate changes, droughts, floods, melting glaciers, sea-level rise and storms intensify or alter, often with severe consequences to human lives and the economy. In order to ensure water security for humans and the environment while simultaneously meeting the world’s ambitious climate and development goals, decision makers and regulators will need to adopt a new paradigm for resilient water management that embraces the uncertain future ahead. This is the focus of a three-day conference, organized on 26-28 October 2021 just ahead of the next UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), to raise awareness and build capacity around new approaches to assessing and addressing Climate-Resilient Water Management Approaches, including their vast potential within global climate policy and sustainable development agendas. It will combine expert panels and high-level policy discussions to provide concrete inputs to COP26, and for the implementation of the next phase of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP-IX, 2022-2029) focused on "Science for a water secure world in a changing environment".

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