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IWA and the Vietnamese Water Supply and Sanitation Association enter into a partnership

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The International Water Association (IWA) and the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewage Association (VWSA) join forces to advance the future of water professionals in Vietnam and to exchange knowledge and technological insights internationally. This partnership also sees VWSA as the hosting organisation for IWA’s Governing Member in Vietnam.

IWA and VWSA will be working together to strengthen synergies, tackling the specific needs of Vietnam and Southeast Asia, as well nurturing the professional development of water professionals in the country. Through this partnership, Vietnam’s water professionals and their skills will be enhanced thanks to connection with IWA’s extensive global network and professional development programme. Within IWA, Vietnamese water professionals will be able to connect with global peers, showcase their expertise, and develop leadership skills. IWA’s professional development and leadership programme includes events, programmes, access to industry publications, young water professionals as well as specialist groups that covers the full water cycle.

"VWSA has an important position in the field of water, technical infrastructure and environment protection in Vietnam. The today event of signing MoU with IWA is an important activity for the VWSA, giving opportunity for the Vietnam water industry to integrate with the global water network. We realize that with the mission of connecting water industry experts around the world with advanced and sustainable approaches, the IWA will support and lead countries to develop together and solve the problems and challenges of the water sector together. Being member of IWA, the countries can learn from each other via IWA platforms, find most effective implementation and management of sustainable water, avoid failures from lessons of others. I wish the cooperation of VWSA and IWA more and more developed and achieve good results," says Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Diep, VWSA Chairman. "We are excited by this opportunity to work with the VWSA as an important partner, providing a bridge between our global network and water sector professionals in Vietnam. IWA’s Governing Members are vital to our work, so the role of VWSA as the host organisation for an IWA Governing Member in Vietnam is particularly valuable," says IWA’s Executive Director Dr Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy.